Be Still Cody.


Gadeb, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Washed heirloom.

Be Still Cody is a roaster out of Vancouver, Canada. I had never heard of these guys before, and when I walked into Barista on Alberta St. in Portland, the 3-legged dog on their packaging caught my eye. After reading the tasting notes, which read nothing like your traditional, somewhat BS, tasting notes, I was sold. My only qualm is the 250g bag size, I prefer the more standard 340g (12oz) bag. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing? (Upon further review, it seems that roasters in Europe may also trend toward these smaller bags). Anyways, in place of esoteric flavors, BSC took tasting notes to a poetic sense, to a place where you could imagine yourself going while drinking your morning brew. How lovely.

Tastes like daydreaming of long journeys through forgotten worlds

When I asked the barista, who was wearing a jumpsuit that looked like that of a train conductor (I was into it) about the roaster, she told me, with a smile on her face, the 3 legged dog is a nod to the Wes Anderson film, Life Aquatic, as with the name of the roaster. My interest peaked further and then she casually mentioned that in each box, there is a mixtape. Who puts this kind of care and detail into things anymore? They must be artists. Not that I even have a tape player to play a mixtape, but it doesn’t matter, the thoughtfulness made my heart come alive.

Jeff Goldblum smacks whining dog. From "The Life Aquatic" with Bill Murray

I’ve been drinking this coffee for almost a week now, likely inspired by the notes on the bag, I have found myself daydreaming, and writing, during each sip. I’m hesitant to even include any real flavor notes here for fear of ruining the feeling behind the flavors. It is sweet like summer nights. This coffee knows how to make me swoon, it is not so delicate that I have to search for the flavors, but it is not so aggressive that I feel like I’m being thrust into a situation I’m not ready for. It just calmly puts a smile on my face, leaving me in control of my fate with a twinge of adventure in my soul.

This coffee makes me want to reconnect with old friends. It gives me comfort while also promising thrills to come. I want to sit and drink this coffee all day while listening to my favorite songs on repeat, drifting off to far away lands in my mind, and escaping the reality of today’s monotony. This coffee is good for my spirit. A gentle balance of stillness and energy.

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26g coffee, ground on a Virtuoso at 17
410g H20
3 equal pours, no bloom