Designer + Leader
I have worked with organizations ranging from enterprise software, education tools, fitness technology, and community building. I am skilled at creating an inclusive culture among teams where members feel valued, and are empowered to do their best work. I have a penchant for process that allows teams and individuals to work effectively and efficiently, and I strive to always be improving processes for myself and the people I am working with. I care about people, first and foremost, and feel most motivated and productive in an environment that values diversity of thought, taking risks, and moving quickly while still being thoughtful.

I am currently the UX design lead at TrainingPeaks, where I work with multi-disciplinary teams to create impactful experiences for our user base of athletes and coaches. Notable achievements at TrainingPeaks include planning and running the company’s first design sprint, launching new navigation on our mobile apps, and creating a formal UX research process.

Outside of my life as a designer, I am a dedicated athlete. My current sport of choice is mountain biking, and I’m no stranger to road biking, running, CrossFit, and snowboarding.

Coffee Enthusiast
In a past life I created and managed a coffee program where I had the opportunity to meet with coffee roasters all over the country. This led to my passion for the craft coffee world. My morning routine includes dialing in my brew method and taking the time to analyze the tasting notes. You can find some of my coffee reviews over in the writing tab above.